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Kentucky GSAs Come Together


Last month, Arkansas and Kentucky became the 34th and 35th members to join the National Association of GSA Networks. This in-depth profile takes a closer look at the National Association’s 35th member, Louisville Youth Group in Louisville, Kentucky.

GSAs Are Creating Change


This year GSA Network staff traveled to Creating Change VideoBaltimore to attend the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s national conference on LGBT equality, Creating Change. Over five days, activists from around the country, and the world, gathered in workshops and meetings to discuss the LGBTQ movement.

Creating Anti-Ableist GSAs!


Recently I trained GSA Network staff on how we can GSA Network Youth at Capitolwork to create anti-ableist safe spaces to be more inclusive of disabled people in our anti-oppression work. What is ableism? Ableism is the institutionally supported belief that there are such things as good and normal bodies and minds, and the system that assigns privilege to some bodies and minds and not to others. Ableism works to marginalize and oppress disabled people.

Make a Call, Make a Difference


Make It Better on National GSA Day - January 25th!

Arkansas Roots Create a Revolution


Imagine this: Me at nineteen years old, very young, new-to-activism (and much more punk) approaching a table full of pamphlets and colorful rainbows at a queer event at Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas. 

Amanda and CAR Youth

Senator Franken Wants YOU to Make It Better!


How do you spend a day celebrating the work of GSA clubs? Through activism, of course!

Celebrate Black History Month


The stories and contributions of Black LGBTQ people often go unheard and unseen. Exploring the intersections of these identities is necessary to advance our movements towards justice. It is also important to learn from those who have been a part of the movement for decades; Black LGBTQ people have been at the forefront of both the civil rights and LGBTQ rights movements. In an effort to elevate the voices and visibility of our collective history, GSAs throughout the country can celebrate Black History Month throughout February. 

Arkansas and Kentucky join the National Assocation


2012 is  the year of the national GSA movement! We’re only 11 days into 2012, and two new members already joined the National Association.

Fighting Homophobia with the United Nations


Isaias Guzman is a senior at Bell High School, where he is President of the GSA. Isaias is also a member of Gay-Straight Alliance Network’s Board of Directors.

Make A New Year’s Revolution


Welcome back to school GSA members! The end of one year and the beginning of a new one can be a good time to pause and reflect. We can take a moment to look back on our previous year and decide what we want to build in our next year. For GSAs, this is a great time to think about what you want to do for the rest of your school year.

A lot of people start off the New Year with resolutions.  For your GSA, this could be: