Join Youth Council and the Statewide Advocacy Program

Join Youth Council and become one of the next great youth leaders in the GSA movement!!

Have you ever wanted a space where you…

  • Can talk about issues relating to your Gay-Straight Alliance Club?
  • Get immediate access to a Program Coordinator to ask questions about your GSA?
  • Work with 20-25 LGBTQ and straight ally students to organize leadership conferences and summits throughout California?
  • Celebrate with a graduation ceremony that focuses on appreciating all the hard work that you do in your GSA and for your community?

These amazing opportunities are possible by joining your regional Youth Council!

GSA Network’s NorCal, Central Valley and SoCal Youth Councils are open to anyone who is currently involved (or wants to be involved) with their GSA. The requirements are simple: be involved in your GSA, be committed to organizing a campaign on your campus, and attend monthly meetings.

Youth Council focuses on three very important things: activism, leadership, and fun!

We know that social time and building leadership skills are both important aspects of social justice activism! We also focus on building the confidence of GSA youth leaders because we know they are the future of the LGBTQ movement!


If you're interested in learning more or applying for Youth Council, we'll post the application later this summer.

Statewide Advocacy Program

Help change policies and laws that impact LGBTQ youth. Learn more about GSA Network’s Statewide Advocacy Program by contacting Anthony Barros, Advocacy Youth Organizer.

Hear What Youth Council Members Have to Say

"Being on Youth Council has given me the power to make my GSA a real force to be reckoned with at my school. As soon as I joined Youth Council and learned some leadership and organizing skills, my club's productivity tripled! My members noticed and this made them more motivated, which in turn made us even stronger! My own confidence and knowledge has also increased due to the responsibilities of presenting at summits and conferences." - Irene Rojas-Carroll, NorCal Youth Council

"Youth Council helped the GSA at my school by teaching our leader and me some crazy-good leadership skills that we brought back to the group." - Michael Aiyar, NorCal Youth Council

“Before Youth Council I was timid and shy, but when I began on December 13, 2008, everything changed and I just felt so much better about myself and I just let my spirits fly. Youth Council has helped me become, well, me." - Pablo Ramirez, SoCal Youth Council

"It was my first time being in an environment surrounded by other LGBTQ and Ally youth who shared a passion for social change, LGBT activism, as well as other social issues. It was very inspirational and motivational, renewing my own determination in a sense. I felt very comfortable and at ease knowing I was in a safe space where ideas were shared and discussed and secrets were no longer scary." - Bay Spinnaker, SoCal Youth Council

"In many ways, Youth Council helped me to build great confidence in my activism and leadership. It helped me to have more assurance when running a GSA. And I know I will do well in my future endeavors with LGBTQ activism." - Le Tran, NorCal Youth Council

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