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Growing Up LGBT In America


Youth reading this are probably all too familiar with the findings in today's report from the Human Rights Campaign on issues faced by LGBT youth. But that doesn't mean you should ignore it -- research like this can be a valuable tool for creating change.

For example, the next time someone tries to tell you that bullying is a "rite of passage" that affects all young people the same way, or that queer youth don't face unique challenges? Whip out this report.

Farewell, Seniors: Our Playlist of GSA Memories


Queer playwright Tennessee Williams once said, “In memory everything seems to happen to music.”

Announcing New Research: Lessons That Matter


Today, we're proud to release our newest research brief with the California Safe Schools Coaltion, Lessons That Matter: LGBTQ Inclusivity and School Safety. Check out the press release for more details!

SPIN Summit


Brandon Serpas is President of Schurr High School GSA, where he is currently a junior.

When I first heard about GSA Network’s “Safe & Healthy LGBT Youth Project,” I thought it sounded great – but had no idea what it meant on the ground. After all, the health and safety of LGBT youth is a pretty big issue for a single project to take on, even with federal support!

Take Action: Support Queer Youth & Effective School Discipline!


Last month, over 50 young people traveled to Sacramento to advocate for legislation that would make California schools safer for all students -- rather than simply push students who don't feel safe out of school.

Now, those critical bills are up for a vote -- and they need YOUR help. Call your state Assemblymember or Senator this week and ask them to support the bills listed below.

Give it to us straight... ish


We know you all are amazing leaders. But what about us? We want to hear what your GSA has to say about OUR work this past year. Tell us how we did by filling out our Year-End Survey!

Graduation Binary? Campaign for Gender-Inclusive Graduation!


Most seniors are excited for graduation, but for gender nonconforming and trans students, it can mean a choice between being themselves and walking across the stage to get their degree. Amanda Harris, GSA Network's NorCal Program Coordinator, talks to GSA alum Javi Pinedo about his campaign for a gender-inclusive graduation ceremony.

Happy Harvey Milk Day!



Harvey Milk Day is today, May 22, 2012! After two legislative tries and the 2008 release of the movie Milk, former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger agreed to establish May 22 as Harvey Milk Day. Now, California governors are required to annually proclaim May 22 as Harvey Milk Day and encourage public schools and educational institutions to commemorate the date.

Queer Youth Rally CA Officials for Safe Schools and Common-Sense Discipline


Bullied Student Expelled - A Tragically Typical Story


Our approach to school discipline isn't working if students get expelled for protecting themselves when the school won't.