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Expression Not Suppression 2012


“But it is undeniable
That the queer spirit is resilient”

Make Your GSA a White House Champion


Do you think GSA youth activists are changing the world? Yeah, we do, too -- now let's convince the White House!

The White House just announced its LGBT Pride Month Champions of Change Video Challenge, which calls for videos about "unsung heroes" working to improve the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans.

National Momentum: A GSA 'Explosion' in Wisconsin


“We’ve really seen an explosion (in the number of GSAs) in the last year or two,” said Tim Michael, Manager of GSA Outreach at Wisconsin’s Gay Straight Alliance for Safe Schools (GSAFE). “And particularly GSAs in the rural part of the state.”

Hats off to Humboldt County


Last weekend, GSA Network took an epic 3-day road trip to Humboldt County to train youth leaders and adult allies on how to make schools safer. I, along with youth trainers Alexa Lopez, K. Boucher, and Nick Penland, traveled over 550 miles round trip to Eureka for the Humboldt County GSA Leadership Summit.

Tips for a Fierce & Fabulous Day of Silence


Are you busy planning for GLSEN’s Day of Silence on April 20th? Thousands of GSA activists from across the country are, too.

Consent is Sexy!


April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, an effort to raise awareness around and prevent sexualized violence in our world.  While everyone is affected by and can be a survivor of sexualized violence, LGBTQ communities (particularly communities of color) have much higher incidence rates and face more barriers towards getting support.

“It only gets better because we make it better”


On Tuesday March 20, GSA Network Executive Director & Founder Carolyn Laub and I traveled to the University of Texas at Arlington to attend the first ever White House LGBT Conference on Safe Schools & Communities.  It was an exciting and very busy day for all involved with conference, including the White House, United States Departments of Education and Justice, community partners like GSA Network and the young people in attendance.

White House LGBT Conference on Safe Schools and Communities


Panel at White House Conference"President Obama has made it clear that it only gets better because we make it better."

-Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the President, at the White House LGBT Conference on Safe Schools and Communities

Lead Your School's Celebration for Women's History Month!


It’s March, which means schools and communities everywhere are celebrating Women's History Month – and there's no better year for GSAs to step in and lead these efforts! Now that the FAIR Education Act has gone into effect, school social studies classes are required to teach the historical contributions of LGBT and people with disabilities. Since social movements don’t exist in a vacuum, this is a great opportunity to explore the role of LGBT people in women’s history!

Preparing CA Students for College, Not Prison


GSA Network’s Racial and Economic Justice Manager, Geoffrey Winder, recently testified before the CA Senate Select Committee on the Status of Boys & Men of Color. In its partnership with the California Endowment and six other youth development organizations, GSA Network represents the needs of young gay-bi and trans young men of color in Los Angeles as they try to address the systemic issues that are setting them up to be pre-prison, not pre-college.