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GSAs and Safe, Healthy Communities


When Soul Shoppe asked GSA Network to lead a workshop at the Third Annual Substance Abuse & Violence Policy Conference in Ontario, we jumped at the opportunity. 

Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right


I’m so excited to announce the release of a groundbreaking new report on school discipline from GSA Network, Advancement Project, and Alliance for Educational Justice, Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right: Why Zero Tolerance is Not the Solution to Bullying.

Join our Twitter Town Hall #bullychat - Tues 4 pm!


America's recent "crackdown" on bullies intends to protect LGBTQ students -- but does it? Join GSA Network, Advancement Project, and Alliance for Educational Justice for a Twitter Town Hall on Tuesday, June 26 at 4 pm PST.

…and Proud of It: Celebrating Pride in LA


As the school year winds down, Pride month rolls in with enough sparkle, pizzazz, and enthusiasm for all.  On Sunday, June 10th, GSA Network  marched in the 42nd annual Pride Parade sponsored by Christopher Street West (CSW) along with over 300 youth, advisors, alumni, and supportive adult allies.  Flanked by Outstanding Youth Leader Award recipient Katy Butler and Connie Norman Spirit Award winner, LAUSD’s very own Steve Jimenez, GSA Network youth were in no short supply o

Friends, Funds... Fabulous!


How do you make a beautiful design showroom even more fabulous? Fill it with Gay-Straight Alliance Network’s fabulous supporters!

Relief for DREAMers


This morning, President Obama announced a new policy on immigration: he is halting the deportation of many undocumented immigrant students. GSA Network welcomes and applauds this decision, which will allow as many as 1 million students to receive work authorization and stay in the country to study.

This policy will provide relief to many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth who are eligible for the DREAM Act, along with many other immigrant student leaders who have built their lives in the United States. 

Illinois Safe Schools Coalition: Bullying & the School-to-Prison Pipeline


A big kudos from GSA Network to National Association member Illinois Safe Schools Alliance on their groundbreaking work to de-link punitive discipline from bias-based harassment.  Building school policy at the intersections of issues that impact LGBTQ and students of color for many years in Illinois, ISSA just narrowly lost a vote on IL House Bill 5290, which would have built on current state law to address not just bullying, but the number of youth of color caught up in the school-to-prison pipeline.

Growing Up LGBT In America


Youth reading this are probably all too familiar with the findings in today's report from the Human Rights Campaign on issues faced by LGBT youth. But that doesn't mean you should ignore it -- research like this can be a valuable tool for creating change.

For example, the next time someone tries to tell you that bullying is a "rite of passage" that affects all young people the same way, or that queer youth don't face unique challenges? Whip out this report.

Farewell, Seniors: Our Playlist of GSA Memories


Queer playwright Tennessee Williams once said, “In memory everything seems to happen to music.”

Announcing New Research: Lessons That Matter


Today, we're proud to release our newest research brief with the California Safe Schools Coaltion, Lessons That Matter: LGBTQ Inclusivity and School Safety. Check out the press release for more details!