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Holding CA Schools Accountable


Assemblymember Lara with GSA Network youth leaders Calen and EmilyI hadn’t been Policy Manager at GSA Network for a full day when already GSA leaders scored another huge win for safe schools for all students. On Wednesday, August 8, the Joint Legislative Audit Committee heard testimony from youth from SoCal and the Central Valley about their schools’ failure to protect LGBTQ students.

Lawsuit: Clovis Students Need Comprehensive Sex Ed


Gay-Straight Alliance activists have a message for California schools: you cannot keep ignoring the rights and the health needs of LGBT students. If you do, you will be held accountable.

August 24 Webinar & Call for Young LGBT Immigrants


Young LGBT Immigrants:  You may be eligible for immigration relief and work authorization!

Your National GSA Movement in Action!


After countless hours of planning, conference calls and learning along the way, it finally happened: 70 youth and adult activists converged in Louisville, Kentucky on August 2nd for the 2012 National Gathering of the National Association of GSA Networks. Every year, the National Gathering brings the 37 statewide networks of Gay-Straight Alliance clubs from around the country together to learn from one another, build community, and share best practices.

Testifying Before the Joint Legislative Audit Committee


UPDATE:  Audit request approved in 9-4 bipartisan vote by Joint Legislative Audit Committee.

Headed to Louisville!


Brianna Navarro is a junior at Clovis East High School and a member of the National Association of GSA Networks Steering Committee.

For four days this week, Lousville, Kentucky will become the queer youth capital of the country as GSA activists come together for the 7th annual National Gathering of statewide networks of Gay-Straight Alliance clubs. The best part? I get to go!

International AIDS Conference, “Turning The Tide Together”


After 22 years and President Barack Obama's 2009 announcement lifting the travel ban on people living with HIV, the International AIDS Conference returns to the U.S.! From July 22-27, more than 20,000 delegates from 200 countries will gather in D.C. to attend the International AIDS Conference, which is the premier conference for individuals working in HIV/AIDS services, advocates and policymakers, HIV-positive people and anyone invested in ending the epidemic. Aside from breakout sessions, daily plenary sessions, and professional development workshops, they also have a Youth Program.

Coming Out Against Push Out: Action Camps


From the west coast to the south to the midwest, GSA Network youth and staff are coming together to change punitive discipline in schools through groundbreaking Action Camps. These camps focus on dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline, a set of policies and practices used by school districts that indirectly push out or exclude youth of color, queer youth, and low-income youth.

Why I Stay in School


Hallie is a seventeen-year-old GSA activist and student at the Haven Program at Peninsula High School. This piece was originally written for and posted on KQED's American Graduate blog.