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5. Please select one prompt below and write a short essay addressing and answering the questions that follow the scenario. If you would feel more comfortable writing this in another language or would like to arrange for an interview over the phone instead, please contact your regional coordinator.

A. Gerardo, a sophomore at Mission High School in San Francisco, has been verbally harassed continuously ever since he came out of the closet and decided to be openly affectionate with his boyfriend, Julio. Gerardo would ignore the students that would tease him, insisting that he didn’t wan to “stoop to their level.” One day after school as Gerardo was walking toward his locker, a group of boys called him a “fag” and one of them pushed him into a locker, bruising him in the process. A GSA Network youth council member encouraged him to talk to the administration and file a complaint, which he did. But when he tried to talk to the principal, the principal said that Gerardo was exaggerating what happened and “making a big deal out of nothing.” Now, Gerardo always has to have someone walking with him down the hall because he’s too afraid to do it by himself. If you were Gerardo’s friend, how would help him solve the problem?

B. Katrina, a senior at Hollywood High School, has become increasingly comfortable in hir* identity as transgender as a result of his own research and after attending a few GSA Network youth council meetings. Katrina, however, does not feel comfortable using either the male or female bathrooms on campus, but there aren’t any other alternatives at Hollywood HS. When ze attempted to communicate hir problem to the administration, they were confused as to what “transgender” meant and insisted that ze continue using the female bathroom, as ze was obviously female-bodied. If you were a Youth Council member who so happened to be one of hir classmates, how would you help hir? (“Ze” and “hir” are gender-neutral pronouns used instead of the typical “him/her” and “he/she.”)

C. Imagine that you are about to start a GSA at your school. You’re on the planning committee when a debate breaks out between the potential members. Some argue that the club should focus on being a place where students can hang out, watch movies, and just have a good time. Others argue that the club should focus on campus activism, working to change the environment of the school through organized protests, guerilla theater, participating in the Day of Silence, etc. What are your thoughts on the subject of direction for the club?