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GSA Network is supported by generous individuals, foundations, and corporate donors whose investment provides the critical resources needed to empower youth activists to create safer schools. 

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Institutional and Corporate Funders

GSA Network is grateful for the support of many funders who share our vision of a world where all students are safe at school and LGBTQ youth become leaders in their communities. Grants from these generous organizations provide critical support for specific programs and fund our general operating expenses.

$100,000 and above
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – Division of Adolescent and School Health (DASH)
James Irvine Foundation
Open Society Foundations
Tides Foundation's State Equality Fund

$25,000 - $99,999
Arcus Foundation
David Bohnett Foundation
The Durfee Foundation
Ford Foundation
Gill Foundation
Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund
Johnson Family Foundation
Juanita MORE! Pride Party
Liberty Hill Foundation
San Francisco Foundation

$10,000 - $24,999
R. Scott Hitt Foundation
Genentech, Inc.
Kaiser Permanente
Southwest Airlines

$1,000 - $9,999
Bay Area Physicians for Human Rights
The California Endowment
Community Thrift
Entertainment Industry Foundation
Fit for Equality
Fresno Regional Foundation
Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School
Paragon Community Enrichment Fund
Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Southwest Airlines - Official Airline Sponsor of GSA Network



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Matt, Sandy, and Harriet Wolf

“I began contributing to GSA Network because it helped our son Matt to be proud of who he is, and to find his place in the community. That is an important gift for our child.

Upon receiving bequests after my mother's death, and the death of a friend, I decided to honor their memory by donating to an important cause, the work you do through the GSA Network.

As the only "out" student in his high school, Matt was alone at a time in life when fitting in is important. The formation of the GSA at his school gave him leadership skills and the opportunity to meet and interact with a larger community of GLBT and straight allies. He also gained a sense of empowerment. I know lobbying for legislation in Sacramento was a significant milestone for him.

His participation in GSA Network earned him local and national awards, including scholarships for college tuition. These awards benefited our whole family, not just emotionally from pride in Matt's accomplishments, but also financially.

As an educator, I know there are still parents, teachers, administrators, and students who seem to think "gay" is disease that young children should not be exposed to. I continue to donate to GSA Network because I want to help give other children the same benefits and opportunities as Matt had.”

-- Harriet Wolf

Kathy Levinson and Naomi Fine
Lesbian Equity Foundation

“Investing in GSA clubs is investing in the kind of culture we hope to create for the next generation, a future where all students are welcomed and celebrated for who they are in their school communities and allowed to be fully themselves.”

-- Kathy Levinson

The Schacter Family

We visited the Schacter family in their San Francisco home to discover the story behind their very generous giving to GSA Network over the past several years.

GSA Network: Alan, what motivated you to make your first gift to us in 2004?

Alan: My daughter Emma. When she was in 7th grade, all the students in her Jewish middle school in San Mateo did a year-long “Tzedakah Project” to learn about fundraising and charitable giving.

Emma: My presentation drew a parallel between being persecuted because you’re gay and being persecuted because you’re Jewish. When our dear friends Bob and Dave got married at San Francisco City Hall, of course we were there to celebrate with them. They are like uncles to me! When kids at school made fun of their wedding picture, I knew I had to do this project.

Alan: Emma’s presentation was so powerful that she did it again the next year. She made such a strong case for GSA Network that the class voted to give them one of the largest grants. Emma gave her own personal gift as well. GSA Network is a natural cause for our family to support. GSA Network knows it’s not just about being gay and safe at school; it’s about being all of who you are and being safe. I was one of the few Jewish kids in my class, so I know how important their work is.

GSA Network: Alan, what motivated your most recent $5,000 gift?

Alan: When we heard about the horrible death of Larry King at his school we wanted to help GSA Network start a dialogue in schools where it is not yet happening.

GSA Network: We’re really inspired by your family’s commitment to GSA Network. Thank you.

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